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Hey there!

Glad to say, that site has updated once again. New apps were created, some serious bugs fixed and a better production methods were used.

From the last update, such apps were added/updated:

  • ctf
    • minor bug fixes
    • full task page
  • file
    • major bug fixes
    • allowed space to upload yes, you can actually use it, just ask me for some space
    • file preview at other services
    • file type images
    • minor bug fixes
    • api to upload
  • forms
    • created app to generate forms
  • loger
    • created app to track and log site crashes
  • blog
    • updated list design
    • added post create for any user
    • added more info on post
    • minor bug fixes
  • music
    • added share button
    • added times listened
    • minor fixes for track upload
  • other
    • stack and links for about page added
    • dynamic about page update (for admin only of course) were added
    • server info was added
    • redesigned side bar
    • added user search for banking
    • added f2b, proxy by unix address and more and more and more

Thats, basically all, thanks for being here

With love, sanspie

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11 May 22
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11 May 22